Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey Chickadee

It's a new open store that sells cute kawaii stuff and vintage goods. Anway i found some cute rings that you can buy from Hey Chickadee.

Get into the Christmas mood

Christmas is coming so i looked for some cute goods related to Christmas. I totally love this necklace, look at the choco bunny=)

Go to: Artfire

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ghost kitty

Goo Goo cat is more like a ghost kitty which is completely the opposite of scary. Goo Goo cat is handmade and sewn with love. Feel like cuddling Goo Goo cat? Then head over to mochikaka.

Cotton candy horses are cute

I've really considered trying to learn how to make these cute little stuff. Otherwise, i would have to ogle and other people's creations while i have none. But i can just bet that it ain't going to be easy. But anyway, check these cotton candy horses. Really... how do people manage to make these? Oh yeah... and look at those cute baby giraffes.


Kawaii Sushi Pictures, Images and Photos

So my Bff's birthday is today and i just want to say : HAPPY BIRTHDAY LING!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Me love cookie

Guess what this is? It's a cookie! And it's really cute. At first i thought it was a badge or something like that. If you wanna make a genius cookie like that... [ CLICK HERE]

Save money the cute way.

Put a coin on kitty's plate and kitty will come out and drag your coin into it's box. Cute right? You can get it at thinkgeek.

Cute stuff from polyvore

Found some cute stuff from polyvore and i really can't decide which i like best.

Cute tomato?

I don't mind greens and im not a fussy eater. But i DON'T LIKE tomatoes. But look at this guy, how can anyone not like it.

Go to: janiexy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kao-anis are back!

I haven't posted digital moving kao-anis for some time so im back with more from papepoclub. Check some of these out:

So that's all... hope you like them :D

Merry Christmas!

Hey people... just wishing you a merry Christmas.

Big fat marshmallows

Christmas is coming and i can't wait to roast marshmallows. ( even though that has nothing to do with Christmas) Look at that, anybody could think that the marshmallows have invaded earth. I added some snow for fun.

Lil' foxes

Ok, isn't these one of the cutest handmade plushies ever? I don't mind having a whole drawer of those. can you believe it's handmade?

Go to: Paper stars ( to view her crafts and link to her etsy store)

cute hammie

This is so cute. In fact, this kinda looks like my hamster. I really love this!

Friday, November 26, 2010

cute and huggable

This plushie isn't complicated but i just love it. Look at it's face! Right now, i really feel like hugging it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bucket of sweetness

Ok, posted this website before but i really wanted to post this. I'm getting a new phone tomorrow so I'm searching for some cute phone straps. Check this=) ( CLICK ME!) P.s im working on some cute kawaii drawing and this kinda looks like mine. M'be ill post my drawings someday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cute furry weird things ( indeepops)

Guess what i found? cute furry weird things that are apparently called the Dzhoi family. Strange name, i honestly have no idea how to pronounce it... ( CLICK ME!)

Desktop goodies (1)

These days, i find myself more interested in cute kawaii icons and desktop wall papers. So this time, i've found some really cute kawaii desktops. Check it out, these are all SAN-X wall papers=)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Love from Japan

I wonder how Japan always comes up with the cutest things. And... they invented KAWAII! I love this type of bun that have cute faces. So far i've collected some already. They are cute... and cheap, great deal. See? Look at that face! So darn cute.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute choc.

Did i ever mention that to me, white chocolate is heavenly? The taste of milky rich and creamy chocolate melting in your mouth drives me nuts. Seriously considering looking for this.

Pickles in a jar.

Ask around who likes eating pickles and most people would say no. No kidding! But you can't just say no! to these cute little pickles. ( The beard for the first pickle is not included)

Go to: Plushoff

Extra value pack!

cookie pack Pictures, Images and Photos

Surfing the web and suddenly this cute glorious picture appeared on my screen. This is seriously CUTE!

So squishable!

Ok so i know i didn't post about plushies for a long time so here's the latest scoop. I searched and found this really cute site called Squishables and yeah, it sells really plump cute animals perfect for cuddling!lion pixels Pictures, Images and Photos

( SHARK: I've been seeing this plushie all around google!)

( Platypus: More like an over sized duck... still cute)
( Does this look like Paul the octopus?)

These are my fave out of all the plushies there... CUTE!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cute mushrooms?

Ever thought that a mushroom could be cute? Who says they can't? Check out My cute graphics,they have some mushrooms that actually look cute. And that site does not have only cute mushrooms but they have cute blinkies.

MySpace Graphics
( Like this blinkie)
MySpace Graphics

Mongo village

Mongo village is just full of cute characters you can't get enought of. I use this cute pic as my wallpaper and my com looks great! ( not lying) cute fluffy birdies=)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute video


cute ice pops

Feeling hot and sticky? Use the cute mint ice-pops when you have a bathe. It's bound to make you cool and feel refreshed.

Go to: Soapylove