Friday, May 28, 2010


Ppls, I'm using my remaining com time to post this. I'm dedicating this post to my BFF, who is always chatting with me on my cbox. ( also the BFF blog text below my about me ) i kinda made this picture so i hope you like it ling. GREAT JOB!
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Oh... and happy June holis to all bloggers and non-bloggers!


other than really cute stuffed toys, i also like those which look like real animal. That is like my taste. Anyway from the same website that i posted just before this post, i found some animals that look real. Aww... so cute! I love that website, lots of toys ( imported) look alive. It's incredible! You really should check it out.
1st from top : male kangaroo
2nd from top: can't remember
1st from bottom : ferret
2nd from bottom : Chinchilla

animal footrest

Tired after a days work? but can't seem to find the right comfy footrest? C'mon, I'm gonna introduce to you what may seem like the cutest animal footrests. take a look at these animal footrests, aren't they cute. By the way, all of them are priced at $160. But they will sure make a cute collection in your home.
i must say i rather like that German Shepherd.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coach cuteness

I never knew that Coach could also be CUTE! Guess what? i was checking out the coach website searching for a lovely blue sling bag that would cost me the moon if i bought it, and found out some cute key rings. they are bout' $38 each. But they are really nice and besides, sometimes gals need to pamper themselves. With these Coach key rings you'll always look fashionable=) Go to:
pic 1: cute cupcake
pic 2 : sweet mix flowers

Cute kitty

Maybe if you watch many Japanese cartoon shows you might be able to recognize this cute kitty. if you've guessed, it's from Jiji Kiki's delivery. You can use this really cute pouch for almost anything. Hmm... I was wondering if you could use it to carry my bottle and phone when I'm jogging. plus, it's only $29.80. cheaper than in stores. if you're interested you can go to:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ughh song

So i got like selected for this YOG ( youth olympic games ) song singing thing where i have to sing the YOG song and they would record it.Ugh! Somehow i don't really like the song anymore. Everyone bosses me round and the tune is something i think can fit in a barney the dinosaur show, for small kids is what im really saying. Seriously, this is the worst song i've ever sung in my entire life. I mean il rather sean heartless than this song. As i was saying... UGH!
- A disgusted cherubics

Cute bunny lapel pin

This is like the cutest bunny lapel pin I've ever seen with a metal backing created by Toronto artiste.

Mini figurines

Guess what? I found this really cute figurine of a cat named Bruttino. He is from the new line of Tokidoki. he is only going for $18 and he is an adorable cactus friends.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waky waky rise and shine

{ waky campbell,you just slept the whole day}
I just took this picture today=) Campbell just woke up. That cute lil' sleepy head is now making her way to eat.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

starry cute

Aww, these star earrings are too cute. It's too bad that i didn't Peirce my ears, otherwise i would be ordering these earring and waiting enthusiastically. Really, i can't bear to not buy it, it's only $10! A great deal. Here are some other cute items i can't wait to wear. And the strawberyy necklace is $12.
Hey people, good to be blogging again. You might be wondering what this weird denim creature is. To tell ya all, this is a creature i created. it's full of Cotton. Somehow, i find it cute. I love those button eyes that stare at you. I made this like at the beginning of this year, bout there. You know the June holis is coming soon, my latest plushie projects would be:
1) a cute gumdrop hanging from a chain ( with my friend)
2) a cute bean bag with eyes 9 full of beans)
3) a cute gingerbread man like the one you see in shrek.
Really can't wait to start on these projects, will post the pics when im done.
G'day bloggers/surfers of the net