Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey blog readers, I'm so excited! I finally got a blog award from my BFF and also BFF blogger=) Thanks ling i think the award is super cute. Check out the sidebar to see it.

Fluffel bruno

I've looked at many minitoons shop and found lots of cute pillows. Especially a donut that looked like an elephant. I think fluffel bruno is as cute as that. And,you should see his bobtail! It is sooo adorable. Just feel like hugging bruno.

Go to: Fluffels

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cuppa cofee?

Anyone wants cofee? Go to: girly fe
( anyway coffee is not spelt as cofee... DO TAKE NOTE!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fruity fashion

I like putting cute badges on my bag... for some reason. Well they are cute but they really weigh your bag down ( if you put too many). Putting 4 badges is not that much right? I really like the coconut.

Kawaii toast

I love nothing more than toast with butter for breakfast in bed. Actually i hardly eat breakfast in bed but whatever. This kawaii butter toast is SERIOUSLY cute! Now that's one necklace i really don't mind wearing out.

Small bunny pills

Small bunny pills like the cute bunnies shaped like pills. ( they are animations) Not like the pills for medication or whatever. You can add this to your blog to make it cuter.

Get them at: Glitter candy box

Minty chocolate

Mint ice-cream, so cool so yummy,so sweet. Mint choc is one of my favourite flavours. Try hugging a mint ice-cream plushies while eating mint ice-cream=)

Go to: Applenogin