Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love to plushies

Who doesn't love plushies? Really, who doesn't? I love plushies and i have to say I've known some people to be crazy over them. They are cute,cuddly and have been known to be a favourite bedtime huggable. So how i ignore the cute plushies? And that's why my next post will be about the cutest plushies i can find.

Hug your plushie,


Happy or sad

These two necklaces are perfect for expressing your moods. If your happy you can wear the happy fluffy cloud. If you are sad or angry you should wear the emo black cloud. Everyone would steer clear of you!

Go to : Ji Ji KiKi

2 Cute Clouds Pictures, Images and Photos

Treat charms

eevee cupcake! Pictures, Images and Photos Recently, if you've noticed, lots of kawaii sites are putting up their cute handmade charms and usually they are really cute. Have you ever thought that a cute charm was something delicious and put it in your mouth? Hmm... i remember that happening to someone. Check out the cool and cute handmade treats at : Sweetest charms

Friday, September 24, 2010

Am i becoming owl crazy?

Ok, in real life, i don't think owls are really that cute. I mean they have big big eyes that just stare at you. My last post was about an owl bracelet too right? Wait, maybe it was not... Anyway this is cute and handmade. Im really dying to know how to make them. If i do know, my room would be full of them by now. Just to let you know, i haven't gave up on posting... Lols
Go to: Room mates