Saturday, June 5, 2010

cram cream cuteness

When i first heard of cram cream, i thought it was some kind of creamy biscuit. but when you find out what it is, i think you'll find it cute. OK, this is a cram cream card holder, it's fluffy and cute and maybe not that practical. So far, i don't know of anyone that really uses a card holder. But, if i do buy it I'll use it to hold my bus card and library card. Actually it is supposed to be $12 but now it's on a sale and it's going for$9. I kinda find it cute.
Colours available:pink,sea green and black


And if you guys haven't met Jubi... here he is. Enjoying a mealworm meal.That's his fave food though i don't even like touching it! Looking at Jubi, who won't love him the way i do? ( except my mom) And what better way to pass time after a nice meal then having an afternoon snooze?

Friday, June 4, 2010

she likes cute

Ok, so the website is , ahem... i like cute too. So, does anyone in the world has something against stars? I doubt so, so let's get on to the cute delights. ( sounds like food ) I was about to post about choco chip handmade cookies when i realized that this must be the 4th or 5th time im posting about cookies. That gets abit too cookie-ish. Anyway,this star is kinda cute and it's handmade=) Only$8! This has to be a short post cuz it's so late now.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This was taken on my phone so it isn't very clear. Campbell definitely doesn't want to be left out of the hamster hall of fame. caption: enjoying her leafy meal

Hammies born in a dollhouse

Recently i uncovered some file of my hammie's pics. These were my first batch of baby hammies
Ain't that cute? 4 baby hammies, born in a dollhouse.

Buttons on!

Currently, i have started the love for making plushies with button eyes. ( ignore the freaky Coraline show) When you sew on a happy smile, buttons on plushies doesn't seem like a bad idea! To me, it's perfectly cute. So when i saw this is in a gadget shop on Sunday. I particularly screamed cuz this is what i call button-tastic! It's seriously cute and even the box it comes in is cute. I spend quite some time searching this up on the web so i hope you like it as much as i do. Normally my mom doesn't take much notice in these kind of things, for ONCE in a long time she actually agreed that the headphones look cute! Some more, it's going for $12.50, better get it fast!
It's portable=)
Available in pink,brown,white and black=)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

weirder and weirder

As i said, nowadays, figurines are getting you know. Just now, i found two different series of figurines. Some are ugly while others are cute=) Take your time looking.
First ones called bamboozoo and the second one is called finders keepers. Weird huh?
Just to inform you, THERE IS NO OFFICIAL SITE FOR THESE FIGURINES SO DON'T TRY LOOKING FOR IT CUZ I HAVE ALREADY TRIED! That should be a clear message, just want to let you know so that you guys don't waste your time.

That cute stand

You might be wondering... WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT GOLDEN WITH BIRDS STICK???? if you are interested, read on. Well, actually il be open and say that is something i won't buy. But, don't be discouraged, that is a jewelry stand. You know?! the stick that you hand your necklaces or rings on blah blah? It's kinda to keep your precious jewelry organized. Il give you my reason for not buying it, i don't wear jewelry, except for that real silver chain i wore for 1 month without taking it out. Seriously? Me? Right now, i don't wanna wear those. Other then that fact, i think the stand is cute=) ( retro?)

Puddle of plastic

Actually it is just a puddle of plastic that is supposed to be like a pond with 4 different types of animals swimming in it. Since when was the last time i posted coasters? Hmm, i think it was either my 1st or 2nd post on this blog ever! Pardon me but doesn't this unique coaster catch your eye? Aye, i've seen many ' plastic puddle coasters" round on the net, but the animals swimming in it do make a difference. Even if there is a croc maybe waiting to snap at your cup! Furthermore it is made from squishy high-tech silicone that never slips ( so far )

Each sold for $4.99

Choose your fave or buy all

remember, enjoy your drink!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kimmi doll pens are cute

Wooden pens are supposed to be like " old fashioned". but these kimmi doll pens which are also called the friendship doll pens are seriously cute.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Panda awareness

For those who know the news, two pandas are coming to Singapore from China. I'm not sure when though, i think people say they are coming soon but i don't think so. Anyway, as i was saying, this panda mum and her baby are seriously cute when they stare at you with their solemn eyes. They are going for $25

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cute seals on sale!

Hmm... I do think these are Japanese cartoon characters. They look strangely familiar. Anyway, let's get down to business. Seriously, these cute key chain seals are on sale at for $16. Okay, i agree that price for a key chain? wozers! But i think they import it from Japan. So, these Mamegoma seal plush key chains are actually on sale! I've actually never seen these in the miniature cartoon stores round where i live. Look? How can you resist such a cute plush toy?

Sold separately

4 different colours