Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi people.. i know ive posted this before.. but i really wanted to post it again!
Here are my 3 favourites!! ( aka. MUST GET!!)

My fave ;)

Friday, November 4, 2011


Back with more cute!!!

I totally love charm bracelets but this... this is just awesome. Ive seen so many charm bracelets which are great but uh.. alittle messy somehow. This charm bracelet is simple but cute.

Skulls are scary but this makes them cute!

I kinda feel bad for these guys.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too cute for words!

Man i want this so badly! I don't know what i'll do with it but i wanna buy the whole box! Plus the penguins of course!!

( Enamor)

Random awesome things

Hi guys im back and im really excited cuz i managed to find an awesome/cute/cool website that sells awesome/cute/cool things. So i picked a few of the awesome/cute/cool merchandise they sell n here they are! Hope you enjoy!
WARNING : The items you see might be totally random ^__^

So here's the first. I normally pay no attention to rings. Let alone post anything about rings. But this.... this is seriously cute. Its like a little belt or buckle wrapped around your finger ( ^-^)

If you asked me what my favourite bird was, I'll probably say its the owl. Its not that i dislike the other birds. Its just that i find owls just amazing. Their big big eyes... wow.

Plus i have to fight the urge to try and hug an owl. They are just SO fluffy

Ok, just like rings, i would admit that honestly, just honestly, i hate hello kitty. Its a personal preference. But i actually admit that this set of hello kitty monster earings are an exception. They are... kinda cute.

Need some luck? Well here you got the luck of the Irish necklace. You got a lucky horseshoe, plus some map??? Well its still cute.

S'More campfire bracelet. Just looking at this makes me hungry.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sea glass

( Beautiful sea glass from the shores of North Eastern England)

Hey people i know i havent been posting and i feel really guilty. Its just that ive run out of inspiration of what to post AND ive not been in. The last couple of days was just heaven! I went and stayed overnight at a cabin near the sea with a couple of friends. Of course we had to go to the beach. And i finally found some sea glass. Maybe not as beautiful as those i see online but still cool though ;D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frankenstein octopus?

I heart stripes

Hi guys im back! There are tons of things i wanna post but for now there's something i really really wanna post. Well, ive always loved stripes. specifically blue and white stripes. They are somehow soothing... relaxing. Anyway the holidays are coming soon and i'll be going out alot! So i tryna find a bag that's kinda floppy. The kind you'll take to the beach or on a simple shopping trip. Check out some of the stripe bags i found!

Hope you loved them as much as i did.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 beautiful lockets

Recently i've been quite facinated with lockets. ( No idea why) Yup. Somehow lockets feel mysterious and yes in some way cute to me. The way you can keep photos and all kinds of things in them is pretty neat. ( As in cute) So today i decided to go to Etsy ( YAY) and search for the four cutest but inexpensive lockets. Hope you like em (^-^)''

If you look closely, you will see the words "plus que ma propre vie" which means "More than my own life". Isn't that so very mysterious! Well im not entirely sure what it means but somehow i feel that the phrase has some deep meaning. Plus the golden branch/leaf charm kinda gives it a vintage feel.

This is my fave because it really reminds me of the beach. And i love chilling at the beach. I especially love the patterns and the sea glass is just beautiful!

Simple yet elegant

Made with sea glass found from the shores of Lake Erie

Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey guys, i know Ling ( collab blog partner) and i havent been posting on our collab blog but its cuz we are really busy. ( preparing for something BIG!) I wont be posting for this blog and the collab blog much until October. Promise when i get back i will post as much as i can!
Check out the collab blog to see the update.

YOZO crafts are cute

Who doesn't love cute memo pads??

Nothing lik abit o' kawaii monkey to cheer you up

Cute prints!!

Hey people i know i havent been blogging much. ( since july) So ive been really busy these few days but il try to post as much as i can :D
Anyway, supercutekawaii posted about Rosycheekes from Etsy and you really gotta check it out. Check out some of my fave prints from Rosycheekes!


Spring rolls in love (^-^)''

Oh and thanks to my new follower for following my blog!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Asking for trouble

Just look at this guy waving his arms and legs. How can you not love him? ( is it a girl?)

I really wanna get one of these. Check out Asking for trouble

Toilet paper???

Hey people I know i haven't been posting and its cuz im really really busy so yeah.... Im tryin to post as much as i can. Surfin the net today i found this really cute toilet paper plush. I never though toilet paper could be that cute (^_^) So hey you gotta check it out ClumsyPlush :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cupcake pillow

You have to admit this cute cupcake pillow looks pretty realistic. I feel like chomping on it!!!
Get it from Fredflare

Peace earings

Sparkly cute peace earings from perpetualkid

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cutest charms

All from Oborocharms

Cutest pillows eva!!

Just to share with you ppl, look at this pillow!! It is probably the cutest pillow i have
ever seen! ( available in pink) check : HERE

Cuore's cutness

Hey people! Sorry i haven't been posting for a pretty long time. I really wanted to post this but didn't get down to doing it. So i posted my fave stuff from Cuore. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cherry cute

Hey people... Today i looked at my whiteboard ( yup i have one) and realised that my magnets are... sadly... BORING!!! ( and NOT cute) So i went around Etsy and yup... i found these seriously cute and quirky magnets... all from Cherry cute.
Go check it out<3

That's a pretty good reminder...

Not exactly true

Now that is true

Hope you like em'...