Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big eyes

Big eyes are really cute on this amigurumi monkey. Not only is this monkey cute, there are lots of others that are cutetastic too.
Other colours: Purple,blue,brown and more

Minty cuteness

Firstly i came to this online shop and stared... and stared. What i saw were bundles of fluffy swirly coloured plushies. Some with felt-like material and others covered in fur head to toe. I clicked on all the pages and decided that this plush is officially the cutest.

Punk and cute card

So recently, I'm finding a perfect card for my friend whose birthday is next week and so far all of them are either boring or seriously too expensive. When i saw this card, I kinda had mixed thoughts. Maybe it was like: " Hey, this is cute but it's on the punk side too... Punk and cute, not bad of a combination." So yeah, that's why I'm putting it up. And, it's ain't expensive i assure you.

Find it at : MEGA KAWAII

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aw...cute ele

Last time when i was small i had a bean bag elephant whose name i do not know. i guess i gave it away without knowing because it ended up at my baby cousin's house. I really missed that bean bag. So this blue elephant make me think of it. Snuggle with it for a cuddle!
Find it at DIY plushies

space invaders

I remember when my father was a boy,he used to play arcade games like space invaders and pac man. Right now you hardly see these games in the arcades but if your still a fan you might like this.
You can get this at Junkies

Im back

Hey everyone, Cherubics here. Finally! Finally i am able to update perpetualgal once more! Yes, check out my blog for more cute post=)