Friday, July 16, 2010

Long name

This is like a new toy brand or what but the name is super long so il say it once and they il refer to it as the "thing". Fenelli Pecanpal is an adventurous character that is quite cute for a walking slab of grayness. Somehow it is considered to be a designers toy so it's pretty much overcharged. it's $55 for the thing. Still, it is cute right? So if you think that you are willing to spend that amount to buy this thing. It will be quite a cute collection.

San-X cat

( Sorry, the pictures of these cats are copyrighted so i had to remove it=(

OK, so i found another really cute shop selling really cute Japanese items. Of all the sections i could go to the first section i clicked on was of course, plushies! Plushies that are cute and cuddly not to mention soft and special ( those one of a kind) will definitely be on my list. Right up i found two cute San-X kitties Their seriously cute and they have removable hats. The weird thing is that they are cats dressing up in a cat costume. When i looked at the pics, somehow the kitties gave me the look like " I'm so cute that if you don't buy me you'll die!". So that is partly the reason i put these two bundles of fur on my blog.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What could pop out at the breakfast bar today?

To that question one might not know, but you could have a guess.Would it be a syrup pancake or waffly waffles or maybe a sweet muffin with pink and white icing to top that up. You can collect all and maybe use the lobster clasp to wear it on your zipper! It's so cute!

How much: $5.99

Where to buy:

Cookies again?

You might be thinking... COOKIES AGAIN!!?? I know, I've been posting lots of cookies recently. From cookie soaps to cookie rings and just the other post, a cookie necklace. Well, here i am today going to introduce to you yet another cookie necklace but i think this one is nicer than the other. Besides it actually smells like a real cookie. Who wouldn't love cookies? This sweet treat is seriously good enough to die for. They are so cute and probably good enough to eat but-please don't. By the way, you can ask if you want the cookies charm,necklace,bracket,earrings or bookmark so please don't expect me to list out all the pricing myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Didn't i already told you guys how i love goodies that look real but are actually rings or charms ? This cookie is definitely on my list! It looks real and has eyes and a cute smiling mouth. Not to mention the MNM's on it too. Don't ya think this super star looks super happee=)

How much:7 euros

Where to buy:

Looking yummy smelling sweet

I just visited Dunking Donuts a few days ago and the donuts there were quite ok i should say. However they smelled nice and i wondered if i can actually "wear" the smell. I actually bought the white chocolate donut so when i saw this donut with shimmering gloss and a nice smell i knew this was a calling to put it up on my blog.

How much:$4.85