Saturday, June 26, 2010


Recently, i heard of these robot pets that are smaller than a child's hand can respond, do more than 18 tricks come when called and others. They are really cute and i know of a friend that has a mouse micropet. When micropets come together they sing and dance ( watch the video). It's really cute though i've no way of knowing if you can replace batteries.

Go to:
9 different micropets to collect
How much: 9.95 British pounds

Having trouble remembering to water plants?

Yes, if you are having trouble with that, don't worry! With this new invention from all you have to do is to check for the squirrel. When you plant a plant and forget to water it, the squirrel will be ducked down. However when the squirrel is upright and really obvious to see, you don't have to take out your watering can. If you purchase this little guardian of your plants, your plants will never have to suffer because of your forgetfulness.

Boyle's cute blue Zebra

Actually, I'll be honest and say I've NEVER heard of the toy brand Boyle! In fact it sounds like Susan's name ( the one in the talent show). So it is a Zebra sockie named Ziggey. There is just something cute that plushie has that make me want to post it on my blog. Ziggey looks cuddly and has cute button eyes and nose. So if your the type that cuddles stuff to sleep, you might want to order Ziggey now!

How much: AU$29.95

Where to buy:

Friday, June 25, 2010


If you are not afraid of evil ice-creams, then maybe you are okay with this. I find this preety cute though. It's a vinyl figurine i hardly ever see. This, is a rare ice-cream you'll never find in an odinary ice-cream shop or Swensens. You have to order it. Anyway you might take a liking to this , this thing! It's your best friend- and your worst enemy...
How much:$20

Want that cute print?

Hey guys, i just fished out something cute. I'm very sure that every fan of cuteness would like a cute smiling onigiri. Those cute little rice balls wrapped in seaweed. If any of you remember, i posted a onigiri necklace before. Today, i found the stamp. Im sure that if you like wearing that necklace around, then would you like to be able to stamp a picture of a happy onigiri on your letters or notes. It certainly makes your paper cuter=)

How much: $8

Ink not included

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scrummyland's cute treats

picture: scrummy nutty uffin necklace
If you have seen Scrummyland before, you will know that it sells the most amazing accessories! All of them, they look like real treats so sweet and yes, scrummylicious. The gummy rings, muffin and chocolate charms that look oh so tasty. But, of course other than life-like, there are some Scrummyland items that are just cute and ready to be worn. But in the end, they are still a want from everybody who goes for stuff like me!


Cute necklaces from the doodleshop

At first i got fooled into thinking that the doodleshop was a blog. And then i realized that it was the one made by Carrie Lewis. And i just realized that she has the names of my two fave singers, Carrie underwood and Leona lewis=) Ok, so this is the necklace i thought was the cutest. Introducing the megabeast necklace ( grey)
If you go to the website it'll tell you more about the characters like goon and mole and this megabeast.
When you buy megabeast she/he will come packaged in a nice doodllery gift box.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kitty nuggets?

Now when you go to Mc Donald you might want to order some chicken nuggets. But, have you heard of kitty nuggets. Good thing is that they are meant for cuddling not eating so please don't eat them. In fact the set of 4 kitty nuggets come in a nugget box with plushie BBQ and mustard sauce. It's cutelicious! Go to:

Whole set for $59.99 with FREE SHIPPING!