Friday, October 15, 2010

Nuts over Nutella

Chocolate Pocky Cupcake Pictures, Images and Photos
To tell you the truth, I have no idea why i am even posting this. There's just something cute and special about this hand painted Nutella picture. And, it was even sold for a sum that I will not fork out. But i just said it, it's cute. Plus this pocky picture. I've always loved pocky.
Go to : Homemade pop

Pillow buddies

Sick and tired of plain ole' pillows that never seem to have any cuteness? Or do you want a change from all those boring and colour fading ones. Crywolf has officially one of the most creative cartoon pillows i've posted. Somehow,this kinda reminds me of the movie sharboy and larva girl.
Go to: Crywolf

Halloween cuties

Ok, I know my blog neesds some updating so,here goes! I've just dug up some halloween cuties perfect for decorating your website. Seriously love them.
Go to; Carrielynnes world Look at those ploppies=)

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