Friday, September 10, 2010

Soree ( sorry)

Hey guys, all the while I've been thinking that my blog was going smooth. Recently, my friend just informed me that the links I gave , didn't lead to any website. ( except for the try searching again) So for that, I do apologise but all the links i post from today onwards should be fine. As for those who intended to really buy something from the websites but could not, I don't think I can change all the wrong links so if you want the correct link, just email me the post date of the link.

Quilt dog

This adorable quilted dog has many colourful patterns and it's functional zipper proves suitable for young kids.
Also from papersource

These three Japanese dolls with their detailed kimonos are oh so cute. You can use them to decorate cards and others. comes in set of three.

Cute totoro

I think Totoro is Japanese right? He's kind of fat but really fluffy=)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cutest pork bun

This, yes this is totally CUTE! From now on, i will look at pork buns in a different way. Seriously, my heart warmed just at it's sweet blank stare. Do you dare eat it? It's probably such a crime and after all this bun is vinyl and all.
Go to: Shawnimals

Cute kawaii cupcakes

I love these kawaii cupcakes, their really cute and colourful. I think they should look nice on my bags.

Happy birthday bird

Honestly, this birdie is kinda fat but sometimes fat birds can be cute too. Just to let you guys know, the happy birthday words aren't part of my photo editing=)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cute bunnies

Fat,round and squishy, leafy bunnies are lovable blobs of bunny.


What do you get when you mix up Cotten candy and a strawberry? Why,obviously you'll get cottenberry! And that's what I'll like to call this new lotion I've found. I'm actually dying to smell and try it out. I love cotten candy and strawberries are nice too. Man! I really wanna get this,no kidding. There are other yummy flavours i just can't wait to try like : cinnamon buns,vanilla peach,raspberry lemon and frosted cupcake.

( by the way, people say cotten is spelled as cotton but i like cotten better)

Treats in your hair

Yummy yummy treats in your hair. Feel hungry? Just take it out and try it. Just kidding, this super cute clip ain't edible, but it's so cute, cute enough to be posted on this blog. These are handmade... can you believe it?! Up till now, I still have not learnt the secret to making cute handmade stuff.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Uglydolls checkout

I love uglydolls and every time i pass by the shop when I'm shopping, no doubt i won't hesitate to step in and check them out. They may be called ugly but truth is they aren't. they are cute cuddly and expensive. yeah, that sad. By the way, cozymonster is new and limited, better get him before he disappears.

Go to: Uglydolls


The revenge of the the buff monsters. I have posted buff monsters before and i can't help posting the 2nd generation of buff monsters. Have you ever wondered that if you set them up on ice-cream cones that really look like toy ice-creams. Anyway...check them out. They are soooo cute and i really don't mind having the whole collection in my bedroom.
Go to: 3D retro