Friday, July 23, 2010

Believe in miracles

I know many people love Philosophy and I'm one of the fans. Philosophy items are somewhat unique and sweet. And i have said this many times that i love ice-cream, especially vanilla, butterscotch bliss and caramel drizzle. So when i saw this bubble-bath trio i knew that was what i was looking for. This is perfect! All my favourite flavours and i get to smell them when i do my daily soaping. This really is a sweet treat.
How much: 3 pc $30
Where to buy:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cute wallpapers today

At least once a week, i post cute stuff ranging from accessories to stationary and even food ( hardly) but i found something a little different. If you read my other post, you would know that i posted where to get cute wallpapers on your phone. Today i will show you some more cute wallpapers but for your com and absolutely free! All you have to do is to download and presto!

Cute characters like choco baby and those really cute penguins ,not to mention the rabbbits.