Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ty's easter basket beanies

Easter was quite some time ago, but it is still not too late to buy these... In fact, tomorrow I'll be going to the store to buy the grey bunny. ( which i find the cutest) It is still in stores, maybe due to high demand. They are verrrry cute! In fact, each basket beanie cost only $5 each and are as big as your palm. ( maybe smaller ) Yes, I'm so going to buy it. You better too, before they run out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The latest TY toys

Up. The latest beanies ( the croc is Ty beanie babies 2.0)

Stress will be gone with these

With the new Emoticon stress balls, never will you ever have nothing to squeeze your stress out in a cute way. There are 3 different sets.DeviantART's world renowned emoticon collection is alive in physical form! For a limited time only, you get all 8 balls ... 1st set -[ drama mix]

2nd set-{ emo set}

set 4 is series one and set 5 is series two.

Sold in tubes.

Each sold for$ 16.47 in Singapore dollars.

Horse silly sac

Aww, here's horsy from Stephen joseph Gifts. It is cute/adorable and ready to carry some things for you. So it's more like a plush Animal with Mesh Body Back Zipper and Adjustable Straps Great for Pajamas, Wet Swimsuits or Even as a Gift Container Machine Washable (Gentle Cycle) and Air Dry Approx. 18". Go to:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More cute plushies

I just have to have a daily dose of cute plushies. The cats are from Animal chatter, the sheep from Gunn Baa and the otters are from Kaboo.

The Pomeranian lif-like stuff animal is from Melissa and Doug.


Cute toast with butter wallet

I just love it when i wake up in the morning and smell warm toast with butter.Keep your “bread” in this funny wallet that looks just like a slice of buttered toast!! Handy pockets keep your bills & cards secure. Wallet approximately 5.5”x4.25” folded. Fine faux leather.
Sold for $16 only!

G market cuteness

Shopaholics thumb drive: carry the thumb drive most suited for you.
12) Couple USB Drive (one set consider as one purchase only)
MUST BUY as a set!
now 2 pieces only $56.00 (so one is only $28.00)
( which is already quite cheap in the thumb drive world)

5) Dog Bone Thumb Drive
Colour Available: Blue, Pinkish Purple, Lime Green, WHITE and Black
Size 4GB Review:
Simple yet cute thumb drive. Best gifts for anyone!

Ok, so I'm shopping at G market ( window shopping or just screen shopping) , for the latest cute thumb drives. Most of them were awesome but I just took a two.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


More ice-cream. I'm totally crazy over vanilla ice-cream, going to Swensens is one of my hobbies. Anyway, with this, i will make ice-cream EVERYDAY! This machine makes ice-cream, get it? In fact, its not too big and not too heavy.Soft ice cream maker turns out creamy soft-serve ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, or sherbet right in your own kitchen at the turn of a dial. Features three condiment dispensers and automatic function allowing you to pour in... Value: $185.00

So going to buy it.

Cute Buff monster

So basicly, these Buff monsters are cute figures to be collected. They don't seem to have eyes,mouths and noses and etc. However they are still really cute and supposed to be like "ice-cream monsters". There are many "flavours" like choco mint, vanilla and bublegum and many others. They are sold seperately.Buff Monster is back with series 2 of his ice cream minis.Scoop up 12 yummy flavors like Rocky Road, Orange Sherbet . Comes in a bubble-gum pink ice cream carton! Size: 1.5-inches. This item is Random Assortment.

Cute toys from Klappar

I like the toys from klappar=) The animals there are so cute=)Trust me. Most of the animals are not cheap,but they make great cuddly plushies. Like this elephant here. I had a toy elephant when i was small, but they weren't as cute as these. However, I'm currently not aware of the shop or the online store. But i found these in IKEA going for reasonable prices. I love IKEA, you can get many great things there for a not too expensive price there. I even got two rat plushies, one white and one black for only $1.95 each and they were as big as my psalm. Most of all i love the IKEA year end sales. Everything suddenly becomes way cheaper and a golden retriever plushie that used to be $30 plus went down to $10 plus. Anyway, I've to say that some animals from Klappar are cuter than others. To me, the elephant is one of them. Check out the IKEA website or go to the nearby store now!

Cute chocolate note pads

• Impress your friends and colleagues by jotting notes into this this Brand New Chocolate-Bar-shaped Notepad
• Cover and back-cover of the Notepad are made of plastic in high details to imitate a chocolate bar
• It is slim and compact. Suitable for you to carry around in your bag!
• Notepad is filled with blank white pages- 100% flexible for any kind of notes and contents!
• Best choice as gifts for friends who enjoy chocolate and desserts or simply those with a sense of humor and creativity!
• Each Chocolate-shaped Notepad comes in Chocolate Circle’s gift-wrap for your convenience to treat your food-lover friend!
• Dimensions: 11 x 9cm (W*L)
What you will get in the package:1 x Brand New Chocolate-Bar-shaped Notepadof any one these irresistible “flavors”:
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate

* Each notebook smells like chocolate too*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini paris fridge

This is sooo cute and great for keeping your drinks inside to cool them off. Its portable and comes with a pull out tag to tag it along. They come in many different patterns and are, yes, cute! Yeah! With this, you can go around to picnics with this and know that your drinks are still cool.It also can keep your hot food hot!A must for the office, bedroom, or car (it plugs into your cigarette lighter!), these small fridges are sized to hold 6 soda cans perfectly. Satisfy your favorite late-night craving without leaving your bedroom, or take your favorite refrigerated snacks on long car trips without worrying about spoilage. There's even a fold-down handle at the top for easy carrying. AC/DC power. Designed in France by Créa Créa. Comes with an AC adapter and a cigarette lighter adapter. 1-year warranty included. Measures 10-1/4" x 7-1/2" x 10". Gift wrapping not available 110591$130.00 Its way worth it, better get it now!

Cute mouse bank

This is a very CUTE mouse bank! Very very cute. I saw this grey and white mouses at the precious moments store, so you can search for it there. It cost about $9plus. But it would be a oh so cute addition to your room. Feed it alittle of your pocket money everyday, make it full and heavy and it would be one happy mouse. ( you get to enjoy benefits of saving!) There is NO online store so just search your nearby precious moments store=) I almost bought it but since there was another dog like bank that was just as cute and cheaper i bought that.

Here is the pic of the grey mouse.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Felt cuties

I love this book! It tells you how to make all kinds of felt cuties from message bags to pouches to toys, wallets and i could go on and on. It just reminds me that i love making cloth toys stuffed with Cotton. Just that it takes me a looong time to stuff it, cut it and sew on the button eyes. Seriously! The fastest time i can finish one toy in about 2 hours. I've already made this denim bunny shaped creature and now going on to pink flowers gumdrop. I don't think others will exactly buy it but I'm also not going to sell it. Back to the subject. This book is seriously cute! You've to buy it if you love DIY projects. Furthermore it's going for only $12.83!