Friday, August 13, 2010

Delicious notepad

This delicious looking pear is a notepad. Each slice is a piece of paper with seeds. But i advise you to buy two or you won't be able to bear using it.

Found at: Cotton candy island


At sugar bunny shop i was particularly drooling. I'm so gonna make it one of my top 10 fave sites. Everything there from buttons,plushies charms were so cute that yes, my front shirt got really wet. It's just a pity that there isn't a shop here. I'll visit it everyday... Anyway, i found a cute charm which i am so tempted to buy. All the charms were so cute my eyes got sore.
Cute lil' pipsqueak mouse. ( right)

Cute pics

Get cute pictures,printables,cute characters,great info on etsy stuff and more at all things kwaii blog.

Cute craft supply

I love making plushies and crafts but i can't always because i have to work. However as soon as the holiday starts i find my sewing machine and time to do all kinds of creative projects. I also like making plushies with button eyes which i showed to you guys before. But if you want buttons unlike boring plain plastic ones you have to go to modes4u.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

saving in a cute way

When i was about 4 i got my first piggy bank and it was covered in bears and animals. Sadly to say i don't think i even used it. All i did was probably toy around with it, it didn't last more than a week. As we know, saving is important and grown ups like to tell kids to save, save and save! I'm not such a big spender anyway ,which is good. But if you get a piggy bank I'm sure you want it to be cute. With this doggy DJ piggy bank, saving is gonna get cute=)

How much:$22

Where to buy: Pylones
(There is also a angel dog, army dog and others)

Labbit is happy

I don't know what word you mix with rabbit to make labbit but that sounds cute. Labbit comes with 2 ice popsicles, a party pooper and a bone. Labbit's mouth is open so you can pop these items in his mouth and he'll look like he's sucking it.( labbits is currently drooling) Cute labbit! Actually this reminds me of the gorilla on those kipling bags.

How much: $19.95

Where to buy: Kid robot

Write with sushi in your thoughts

Since I'm usually busy with work or at least jotting stuff down in my diary. A comfortable and easy to use pen is ideal. But you don't always have to use boring ole' pens. Get a cute kawaii pen! As you write, the sushi floats up and down inside the pen. Seriously, i want one of these. There are many other kinds but i thought this to be the nicest.

How much: $5

Where to buy: GAMA-GO

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun in the loo

Next time you go to the loo to do your business and forget the books and magazines, you don't have to worry. The best part is that this product is a two in one thing. It teaches you how to make origami ( don't matter your in the toilet) and you've gotta use this before you flush. You won't even notice the minutes passing!

How much: $3.99

Where to buy: Wishingfish

Monday, August 9, 2010

bento cute o box

Bento boxes can be cute not to mention this one i found at Tout-mignon. Cute kitties on ther cover celebrating who knows what celebration. There are also mini compartments inside which you can take out.

Mixed cuteness

Cloud 9 i call mixed cuteness cuz the cuties are everywhere!!! Anyway, i love scrap booking where you get creative and they make good photo albums so called. You can get this at Paperchase. Not to mention cute lunch carriers, stationary and others.

Green things

You know how young people hate eating greens nowadays? But they really can't say no to these cute things. Actually I'm confused, the website says it's cactus in a row. However i disagree and will call it peas in a pod. How cute!

How much: $13

Where to buy : Phoophie ( click on word)