Monday, November 8, 2010

Cute choc.

Did i ever mention that to me, white chocolate is heavenly? The taste of milky rich and creamy chocolate melting in your mouth drives me nuts. Seriously considering looking for this.

Pickles in a jar.

Ask around who likes eating pickles and most people would say no. No kidding! But you can't just say no! to these cute little pickles. ( The beard for the first pickle is not included)

Go to: Plushoff

Extra value pack!

cookie pack Pictures, Images and Photos

Surfing the web and suddenly this cute glorious picture appeared on my screen. This is seriously CUTE!

So squishable!

Ok so i know i didn't post about plushies for a long time so here's the latest scoop. I searched and found this really cute site called Squishables and yeah, it sells really plump cute animals perfect for cuddling!lion pixels Pictures, Images and Photos

( SHARK: I've been seeing this plushie all around google!)

( Platypus: More like an over sized duck... still cute)
( Does this look like Paul the octopus?)

These are my fave out of all the plushies there... CUTE!