Friday, March 26, 2010

Cutest toast pillow

knead alittle rest and relaxation but dun wanna use any dough? Then let yourself rest with this double-sided toast pillow and go from brnt out to part of a complete breakfast.

Sold for:$30 **** Go to:

Cutest earings from candlydoll

Handmade out of fimo, marshmallow earrings on silver plated hooks, also available in a different colour combo. I have to add in... these look seriously real.Caution... if you are a marshmellow addict you' better be careful!

Each sold for$5.50
Each handmade.
Go to:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paint on a smile

Ahh... you won't believe what i've found. Take a look at this. These cute little paint can lip gloss are sold individually and are oh sooo cute. Sure, when you buy one you can paint on a smile on your face. You shall surely look splendid. oh, when you buy each lip gloss... it comes with a see through lid and a miniature paint brush to use. Sadly there are only two flavours left, blueberry and orange. Each sold for:$1.89

Rejoice bacon lovers!

Bacon lovers... you can now rejoice with the new BACON SOAP!
Yes... each bar of soap smells exactly like smoky bacon and is marble dyed to look like the real thing.It also comes in a fancy retro tin. You won't want to wait would you?
Quick! Now is the time to grab one.
each sold for$8

More cute things for your ipod/iphone

I stared at it... OMG! That is soooo cute. Too cute.Keep your ipod snug and cosy in this hoody cute ipod even has a fuzzy fleece lining for extra protection! With two size options all your technology will have a chance to be cosy. Choose LG for ipod classic, ipod touch and iphone. Choose Sm for fourth generation Nanos.
Go ( I am so sorry i could not get the direct link)
Each sold for $ 18

Monday, March 22, 2010

The cute my meebas

These really cute my meebas electronic game is cute and can be found in the USA and some other countries so if you want it you have to buy it online. Basically... there would be a little pet and you'd have to raise it up through 7 stages/levels. When it is fully grown... the lid of the my meebas will pop open and your my meebas toy would be there for you to take out and hug. Im not sure if you are suppose to put back the toy and close the lid again to restart because i've never bought that toy before. Each toy is cute,cuddly and unique. There are 6 " sections". Raspberry love, light blue happiness,teal luck,pink beauty, purple intelligence and dark blue friendship. personally i do think that teal luck is kinda cute=)

Here is the official website:

The new my meebas version now comes with glitter.From the official site you can also buy online. Anyway... when you buy a my meebas toy it comes with a chart of all the cute my meebas characters.

You can also go to YouTube and search for some videos all about my meebas. Im sure it can be quite fun. Don't think its only for small kids because i have heard of many teens buying it and even an adult for herself.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CUTE lamps to light up your room

As i just said. These extremely cute animal lamps will light up your room and bring a smile to your face.No more fear of the dark! These adorable animal lamps are just the right size for your child's room and they'll brighten up any dark, scary corner with a friendly face. Lamps use 25W bulb, included. All ages. Made in China.Pinky the Piggy and Murray the Monkey lamps have been discontinued. When they sell out, they will no longer be available. So you had better buy them quick.

Each sold for : $20

Cute wallets that will make your stomach rumble

Ahh... these wallets are a must have for every food lover. It does look like a cookie/ nacho/pizza. Of course there are three types of wallet food prints. But the nacho print is sold out and i don't really like the pizza. Pissa i always pronounce. But one look at that cookie and i cound not tear my eyes away from it. It is... it is so CUTE! Lol... it may be alittle expensive but if you buy it and love it im sure you'd not regret.

A short description:
Both sides of this circular coin purse are realistically printed to look like the top and bottom of a chocolate chip cookie! Featuring a sturdy zip closure, you can stuff it full of dough, and you're good to go. With a change purse this delicious looking, you'll want to put your money where your mouth is.
Each sold for $ 7.99