Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cute donut coasters with a mouse

Like donuts? Like mouses? Then here is the perfect thing for you. This xtremely cute donut coasters come with a white mouse's head popping out. This would surely be the thing for you. Made from easy to clean plastic.
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Safety for your sandwich

Has your lunch ever been stolen? Now with this anti-theft bag, your lunch will never be stolen again!

Tired of having your food stolen by sticky-fingered coworkers or roommates? Bullies taking your kids lunch? Well if so worry no more! Anti-theft Lunch Bags are sandwich bags that have green splotches printed on both sides, making your freshly prepared lunch look spoiled. Dont suffer the injustice of having your sandwich stolen again! Protect your lunch with Anti-Theft Lunch Bags! Made out of food-safe reusable and recyclable LDPE and are sandwich size. 25 bags per box. USE CAUTION IN OFFICES WITH OVERZEALOUS FRIDGE CLEANERS.

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Ultimate fun while doing the dishes!

Do you hate having to do the dishes? Ya think its boring? Now with this kitchen bubble scrubber, washing dishes will be taken to a whole new level of fun!
This is without doubt the most fun you can have at your kitchen sink! Introducing our Bubble Scrubber, the kitchen brush with an anatomically correct bubble wand hidden right inside the bristles. And, as every perpetual kid knows: bubble wand + dish soap + water = a heck of a lot of FUN! Hey, maybe you can even get your husband or the kids to do the dishes!Measures 3.25 inches wide x 12.5 inches tall. Available in your choice of magenta or green bristles on a blue handle.
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Tire bowl

Tire or bowl? If you have a love of cars you can bring it right homw with ya and while your eating. This new tire bowl is cute and perfect for car lovers.

Let the men be boys with this completely functional Tire Bowl. This bowl will be the centerpiece of your man's table! It is so realistic looking the boys will feel as though they are in the pits of the Indianapolis Speedway or just hanging out in the garage. "The Chrome Hubcap Lid" snap-locks on with a twist to keep everything from nuts to cereal fresh. It measures 6" in diameter and 2 1/2" deep with rubberized tread.Couldn't get closer than this to the real thing!
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Shushi pillow

The original ad for the shushi pillow=)

These comfy shushi pillows are cute and great to sleep with!

There are many types of shushi pillows!!!
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Twilight turtle

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