Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waxy chocolate smells good!

I hope your not thinking that when i said waxy good that i means i feel like eating this thing. Firstly what im about to show you are candles which everybody knows you can't eat. But they smell like chocolate and gives of a nice glow. Plus, it comes in a portable tin with a bow. It really smells like chewy chocolate fudge.

4 ounces of it for $4!

Other flavours too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ninja time

Of all the post I've ever posted I've never posted anything about ninjas. Or did i? Anyway normally i totally ignore salt and pepper shakers because i find them plain and boring. However when i looked at this i was like, " hey that is cute". It's cute enough to pass the cuteness test and for me to post it on the blog it is cute. The black ninja is for pepper because pepper is black and the white ninja for salt.

How much:$20

Uglydolls again

If your a big fan of uglydoll ( which i posted earlier on) and have bought the plush or the plush key chain, i think you might be happy to know that now uglydoll has action figures. Their really cute and no more than 3 inches high. Wage,Babo,Jeero, Ice-bat,Wedgehead and OX will be in your toyshop soon!

12 to collect

Note: These are blind boxed items which means that you will not know which figurine you get until you buy and open the box.
Go to: to buy an uglydoll action figure. ( you can also buy the plush key chain at this website)