Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey guys, i know Ling ( collab blog partner) and i havent been posting on our collab blog but its cuz we are really busy. ( preparing for something BIG!) I wont be posting for this blog and the collab blog much until October. Promise when i get back i will post as much as i can!
Check out the collab blog to see the update.

YOZO crafts are cute

Who doesn't love cute memo pads??

Nothing lik abit o' kawaii monkey to cheer you up

Cute prints!!

Hey people i know i havent been blogging much. ( since july) So ive been really busy these few days but il try to post as much as i can :D
Anyway, supercutekawaii posted about Rosycheekes from Etsy and you really gotta check it out. Check out some of my fave prints from Rosycheekes!


Spring rolls in love (^-^)''

Oh and thanks to my new follower for following my blog!!!