Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cute lil' mousies

Whenever i call my hamsters, Jubi or campbell i always refer to them as my hammies. Lottsa people call their hamsters that don't they? So it's only natural i call mouses mousies. These cute mousies are still waiting to be bought. They are round,soft and cute! Plus they are handmade with love and there are so many mousies to choose from. ( seriously many are sold !)

Tiny happy sloth

We all know the sloth. A creature that moves slowly, really slowly. Also known to sleep hanging from branches on trees. This super cute necklace is so cute and sleepy. In real life, sloths actually look like a hairy ape but the head is quite different. However, if you don't really like sloths this necklace is an exception cuz is so sleepy and cute.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bag tags for everyone

The bag tags i had are never this cute! I really feel like buying this... obviously or it won't be on my blog. Owl is not new in the collection but still very cute. I really didn't know which one to post cuz all of them were so cute.

How much: $3.95

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sick for cute

That's so right. If there wasn't any cuteness in the world i would really be sick. Right now, there is this cute chalkboard necklace. And what's really cute about this necklace is that you can write anything you want on it with chalk of course.

How much: $10

Where to buy:

Owl love

I just happen to shop by this website. And found another cute stamp other than the onigiri stamp the other time. I think this stamp is mostly for letters. See what the owl is carrying? Cute...
Where to buy:

Happy panda

Haha, i will be busy for some time so right now im catching up on the cuteness. The happy panda mug is sooo cute. Along with the spoon that grips onto the mug it makes it even cuter.

How much: $24

Cute Ductchess

Dutchess knows she born royal and expects to be treated the royal way. She's ultra small but yet so cute. Size really doesn't matter! She is about 1-inch long. She won't come with her wheelbarrow but Dutchess will come home with her pink polka-dot buggy and her pink furry blankie.

Price: $36 USD

Where to go:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Postcards fun

Wherever i go, i see free postcards. Normally the pictures in the front are ads or plain boring pics. Sending cute postcards to your BFF or your loved one is something that i would consider fun. Receiving postcards are of greater fun still! Sadly, most of the free postcards are not cute ( as i said) So why not you buy a pack of cute postcards ( i assure you) and send them out?
Go to: and search for cloud 9 products.
Surely cute enough to die for B)

Cuteness spinning

I've always posted cute stuff, so im taking a break. Check out this seriously cute video that made me laugh my head off.