Friday, April 9, 2010


This is one of my post that im seriously liking. This is sooo cute! I can't believe that it is FREE and CUTE. Don't worry... NO VIRUS! But for safety's sake,do check before downloading or whatsoever.
I totally LUV LUV LUV this website. If you seriously need cuteness in your phone then you gotta go now!

Ultimate cute collection book

Just like the former book edition, this new series or Aranzi book, the Cute Stuff Book is contained simple and easy guidance in making cute Aranzi character crafts. There is a bit differences though, this new version is more focused on some useful stuffs to be made while you have spare time, such as phone bag, book cover, pouches, and many other simple stuffs with arrangement of Aranzi characters around.
This is an exciting book to have though, there is no need to be the expert sewer or having complete sewing equipments to do the projects, anyone can easily to make their own cute stuffs during their spare time. The tutorial is also arranged to be easy to follow and fun with various cute captions and small comics around the pages. This Cute Stuff Book is also can be a good option as a gift, but be sure they have special interest on Japanese comic characters so it will fits the idea.
Anytime you need some guides on How to make Cute Stuff, you can simply to open up the book and find your desired stuff to make at that day. It is priced around $10 at Amazon, which it means you wouldn’t get too costly for this Aranzi craft tutorial. So, if you claimed yourself as an Aranzi’s fan, you should have it on your book shelf.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mousse paper clay and make you own food erasers

Unique Japanese Clay Kit For Making Your Handmade Food Erasers
This is a really good clay for making your parfait erasers like ice cream parfait, strawberry parfait and pudding parfait. It is easy to make them.
1 - Put clay into molds for modeling.
2 - You put the modeled clay into the special cup and pour some water into the cup. And you put the cup into microwave to warm them up for 2 ~ 5 minutes.
3 - You put the modeled clay into cold water to make hard after you throw away hot water from the cup.
This is good for making charm, magnet, strap, accessory, jewelry and etc.

DescriptionThis is a really cute clay whip cream sweets ring and necklace making kit. A clay is light weight and called "fuwa fuwa mousse". "Fuwa fuwa" means soft like a cloud. There are also "kira kira stone" - glitter stones to decorate your handmade clay sweets accessories.There are...cake mold trayice cream trayglitter stones to decorate3 rings2 necklace chains1 top parts*rhinestoneWhite and pink clayHow to make...***********cake and ice cream molds1-You coat the molds with vegetable oil using cloth (recomended by the company).2-Fill the molds with the clay. Press the clay firmly. Using a rolling pin, flatten the clay. Then, please remove any excess clay with a knife.3-Pop out of the tray using both hands by pushing little by little (please look at the pictures on the instuction page which is included). If you push to much you will change the shape. After please put somewhere safe to dry.***********There is a instruction included to follow easily.(Even though it is written in Japanese, it has pictures to follow.)Please note it takes about 2 days to dry.

A little nature with some doodling

This is as cute as i promise you it is. It all started when the inventor started to doodle on a piece of pebble. Then there is a loong story and he became famous. There are doodles of either dogs, cats or a cute chubby pig. It is of course a tiny collector's item. It does serve well as a gift for those who love nature and cuteness and maybe art. Here is Mingo, a cat character. There are of course many more characters and Mingo is only one of them.
More about:
The Artstones™ are the most unique and enthralling collection of brush paintings on decal-aid casted stone featuring a variety of adorable animals created by ingenious Taiwanese artist Henry Lee. He gives them mouths, ears ,fluffy tails and crystal-clear eyes, and brings out the life of this natural work of art. From the fur coat to the sparkling eye, each stone animal represents a perfect blend of aesthetic originality and versed handicraft technique.
And if right now, none of them are to your liking just wait until the spring season comes. I gota sneak peak at it and the fabulously CUTE!!!
Also stationary and mugs, mouse pads and many other stuff are available.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enjoy loving plushies

I love plushies. Watta bout you? Well, these are a collection of plushies that are really cute. So for these few days you'd be seeing 4-5 different types of CUTE plushies. No doubt they are cute. And i searched a looong time to find these.

Handmade animals from Marthamakes

This is another one of those plushies that arespecially handmade. I searched all the productsand found the puppy and the duck to be the cutest. They are kinda expensive considering that they are HANDMADE. But they ARE CUTE and that what counts.

Beats all of them from Zygopsyche

No you won't laught at the funny name once you've seen these plushies. They are wondrously CUTE! I think this would beat all the stuff toys I've mentioned. Seriously, it looks real, terribly cute and the price isn't too bad.

These are just some pictures of some of the plushies. I really want to get one soon. if you wanna buy it got to:

Plushie from Freshstiches

We know alpacas as the adorable animals that give us super-soft yarn... now it's time to have your own! No hay or grooming required! This pattern makes use of the loop stitch to create a fluffy lovable animal. Sherwin measures 8 inches tall when completed. This animal does look like a ship or a llama. Nah, its not. But what matteres most is that it is CUTE! I love it's kawaii look. It can't be any different from a special toy waiting to be bought.
Go to:

Plushies from Mintconspiracy

The cute plushies from Mintconspiracy are unique and out ofthis world. However each plushie is extremely cute and i have to say they can be expensive but that is because it is cute and HANDMADE! Isn't that special?Theplushie in this picture shows the new Raspberry worlfing and the latest wolfling is the Christmas wolfing.In factthere are more than one type of wolfling and other creatures waiting to be bought.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cutest thumbdrive

This is one of the most cutest thumbdrives i've ever seen! Like a Lego block.Compact yet powerful, this 4GB USB flash drive is perfect for storing files, music and images to make data transfer a snap. Comes with a keychain attachment, and color coordinated cap for protection.
Sold for:$ 39.99