Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter egg surprise

We all know that Easter is coming soon. So why not get this cute musical chick as a presentAdd a little song & dance to your spring collection! Get your Easter gathering rocking with this sprightly chick that pops out of a brightly glittered egg and moved to the beat of "The Chicken Dance". Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included). 6" H. Plastic, fabric. Exclusively at Avon. to all your friends?

Sold for $12.99 each

Go to:

Cute cute cute charm bracelet form Avon

This sassy pink charm bracelet from Avon sure is prettty pink! It also comes with 3 charms on it. A butterfly, a heart and a flower. Its big and yes, pink beads will make you the stand out from all the other odinary bracelets. Sold for only $ 5.99

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please buy the song at itunes!

You've heard of the Haiti earthquake im sure. And we do know that the people there need our help. So this short message is to tell ya to please buy the song made by many singers and people. I'm quite sure that you'ld enjoy the song. So anyway pls buy the song on itunes again and if ya friends like it and ask if you could bluetooth it over ( if it can) plase tell them to kindly BUY it themselves because they are being selfish.

Sorry... I did not get the original video because it had some problems but this is as good.
And yay! Will.I.Am is there!!

The cute monkey that will work with ya nails

I don't paint my nails. Ok... maybe i did once or twice before. But i find it troublesome because when you want to remove it you have to use nail polish remover or it could take a looong time coming out on its own. Or... when you just painted your nails and you thought that it has already dried but it has not and you end up having nail polish over something. I can't find a thing that will help solve the 1st prob but i have found something that might just help you in the second problem.If you don't have enough patience to wait for your nails to dry, now with the cute monkey blower, your time and work will be saved - Dry your freshly painted nails quickly - Just press on the plate of bananas & the monkey will blow cool air.
Each sold for$6.25 USD

Two in one... and cute too

I-scream... you scream. Yup theres the new lip gloss which comes in 4 flavours. vanilla,chocolate,strawberry and cherry. It comes it a cute container shaped like an ice-cream cone with a scoop of ice-cream on top. Just unscrew the cap to reveal the luscious lip gloss, a treat for your pouts. Wait! Not only that but it is also a ballpoint pen. Take off the cap at the bottom of the cone to start writing. Never have i seen a lip gloss container that cute! Go to:

Sold for $4.99 each

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The woodlands purse

This beautifully crafted pairing of a slightly padded handbag and a removable leaf-tie ribbon is just the accessory to stand out from the same-same crowd! This purse comes in a shape of a forest tree trunk, complete with sewn-on tree-bark patterns, and a beautiful handcrafted pair of wooden handles. The lovely leaf-tie ribbon is removable and can be switched out as and when you like!
Each cost $78
Leaves avalible in green or yellow lemon
Bag colour avalible in green, dark brown and light brown

Bunnies never this cute

Yes... I am posting aout plushies again... but sometimes I can't stop because there is always billions of cute plushies waiting to be revealed. Anyway, i'd never seen such cute toy bunnies ever. Sure i've seen some in shops, my friend's house and in my bedroom. But this is really too much cuteness. After this I shall have alittle break... too much cuteness gets me sleepy...

Back to the bunnies then. I'm sure that you would find it cute. Some of the bunnies have short ears or long ears, some are girls,some are boys, some have long fur and some have short fur. But in the end their so irresitable.

Each cost $ 38.20 ***** Go to : ( each made in Australia)

Vivikas cuteness!

I have to admit that these are cute... too cute to resist. Hmm... i don't mind getting one... but all of them are cute! That if it is that you have decided to buy one then you'll have a hard time deciding. Ooo... this Vivikas tree is definately one of my favourites.

More about Vivikas plushieAt Vivikas you will find the cute owls and other fun plushies, handmade works that will capture your heart! ♡--- > All designs and stories are created by Vivian or Tiago, so please respect the copyright.s:

Go to:

Cutie mugs from zazzle

Here are some cute mugs from zazzle,happytreefriends,sugar spice and everything nice,studio_capsule and many more.

Cute way to keep your small fishes

. Of course this is meant for your SMALL fishes. Not the big ones cuz you don't want to be that cruel do you? Its a great way because you could buy many of these and put them up on your wall.Add a clever touch to your wall décor with our Fish Bubble Wall Mount Fish Tank. The bowl can be filled with water or even flowers from the top of the bowl to match the décor for your living space. Please note that this bowl is not meant for fish larger than a betta, and please take extra consideration of the weight of the water when mounting. Clean with soap and water. 500g glass gems, artificial plant and marine life background included. Do yourself and your house a favour and buy this.

Cute dolls from Kinder

These cute girl and boy dolls from Kinder will sure catch your eye. Yes... you may not be a doll lover but if you still collect plushies or want to buy a gift for a young child then this might be a good choice. Each doll priced $59.99 may be alittle expensive, but im sure when you see it you won't regret buying it. Go to :

( there are many dolls to choose from)

More about each doll:These dolls are handmade in the USA and come with an internet key-code to join the online Adorable Kinders eSchool. Their clothes are interchangeable from one doll to another. The dolls and their clothes are all washable! The soft-doll stuffing is made from non-allergenic 100% polyester. They are approximately 18 inches tall and weigh less than 2 pounds. Safe for children ages 2 and older.Fabric prints may vary.

Great notebooks for gals

Laminated, wipe clean cover that can withstand extensive use
Twin Wire binding enables the book to lay flat
24lb quality paper ensures that both sides of the paper can be used and features micro perforations for easy tear
Heavy cover to protect your work
11 (H) x 8.5 (W)
These great notebooks are great for schools, being your diary or just to write down some notes. There are two more sweet designs and files and binders and others in these designs. Go to :

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fuse fashion

Ever heard of a fuse? If you think its those cool things or whatsoever then this would be something you'ld love. The price may be alittle on the high side, but no doubt you'll like it.

You'll look killer wearing this choker-style necklace featuring a REAL 25 volt fuse! Each glass fuse hangs from a black rubber cord with lobster closure.
Comes packaged in a cool anti-static bag - awesome!
Size: 18" cord, 1.25" pendantMaterials: Rubber, metal, glass, 25v fuse. Go to:

Happy onigiri necklace

Yummy-licious!You'll look super-cute wearing this dainty necklace featuring a delicious happy rice ball with seaweed illustrated by the artist! This delicious 1" acrylic cut-out which is sealed for protection from the elements, hangs from an 18" silver-tone chain.
Cute-n-comfy!Size: Hangs approx. 1.5", rice balls are .5" wideMaterials: Acrylic, silver-toned ring

Cupcake bracelet by Amy seacrest

This adorable and tempting bracelet from Amy Seacrest is totally irresistable.Delicious, sparkly AND spectacular!20 super-detailed, handmade cupcakes (10 different varieties!) dangle from an adorable sturdy sterling silver chain with 1" extender. Each bead is accented with sparkly pink swarovski crystal drop charms to make an overwhelmingly cute composition. If you own any other Amy secrest pieces, you know her quality is amazing. If you don't, now is the chance to own an awesome piece that is light, comfortable and will make people smile. This piece is seriously a jaw-dropper (trust me-- I own one and LOVE it!)Comes ready to give in an amyville cupcakes box with ribbon and bonus cupcake zipperpull!Size: 7 1/2" long - extender chain expands to 8 1/2Materials: sparkly crystal swarovski 4mm pink beads, sterling silver chain base, sterling silver lobster claw clasp, wire

Introducing the...

Eeeek--So cute!!!Want to decorate your home or office with a squid but find they are too slimy and large to fit anywhere?I'm super excited to introduce you to Squidet! He's a completely adorable hand-crocheted mini squid with the cutest little tentacles on the block! He's got black plastic eyes and is crocheted to perfection. He's tiny so he'll fit anywhere: on your desk, in your locker, on the bookshelf--any place that could use a little cuteness. Choose from lime green or aqua blue!
Very limited stock.Size: 2.5" tall with 5 tentaclesMaterials: plastic eyes, polyfill, yarn

Cute addition for your earphone

With this cute accessory, you can turn the standard earphone (this pic use the standard ipod earphone) into the ultra cute earphone. Yep, you also can choice this Emotibud earbut set with your favorite emotion and color.
Oh well, the price is not so high ($16 for 4 item) but not a good way to spend money if your budget not supported. PS: Just share with your friends, it will be cheaper and the good thing you have the different design! It�s a cute and lovely mascot in the irregular place (usually we put the mascot as the phone strap or keychain)
AKPC_IDS += "38,";

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rilakkuma ipod case

Weight: 200 g. Price: $22.00Product type: iPod Nano Case

The iPod nano from Apple is a great music player, but how could you make it even more cute? With this Rilakkuma (Relax Bear) case from Japan! Designed to fit perfectly with your iPod nano 5G (the one with the video camera functionality), it features a large screen opening, an opening for the camera on the lower left hand corner (with the back facing you) and even a thin cover over your controls to protect it against dust damage. Measures 9.5x4.5 cm. Kawaii! This purchase is for the Brown Relax Bear Face version.

Sweet lip gloss for the ice-cream lover

These cute lip gloss in ice-cream like containers will surely be a treat for your puckers. Remove the plastic ice top topping, open flip top cap to enjoy sparkling, yummy lip gloss inside. Each gloss has a 4" beaded chain, making it easy to attach it to school bags, book bags or just about anything.

Choose form two pakages:

1 strawberry


1 Lemon



1Chocolate fudge

1 Berry