Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cute cakes

Im so not a cranberry lover but im definitely a fan of the site cranberrylover. The site sells a whole lot of cute handmade clay treats. Although i have to admit i have no idea what i can do with these, they are just so cute that if i saw it on sale, you can bet im gon' buy those cute clay cakes.

More mamegoma

And speaking of mamegoma, here are some mamegoma plushies all from .

A collection of cute things

Halloween is a long way to go but i've already found some cute cards associated with Halloween. check them out. ( CLICK HERE) I especially like the raindrops, don't they remind you of mamegoma?

Cute and soft

I was in Malaysia and i bought this really cute pouch from the brand Pet shop. It's so cute and so soft! I keep on cuddling it and it proves a great handphone pouch for my phone. ( mine is the last one) If you like it you should totally check out the website. (CLICK HERE)