Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cherry cute

Hey people... Today i looked at my whiteboard ( yup i have one) and realised that my magnets are... sadly... BORING!!! ( and NOT cute) So i went around Etsy and yup... i found these seriously cute and quirky magnets... all from Cherry cute.
Go check it out<3

That's a pretty good reminder...

Not exactly true

Now that is true

Hope you like em'...

The tiny fig ( Etsy)

Hey people, i know i've posted tiny fig before but i really think i should post it again. I originally wanted to post some cute magnets but Tiny fig always wins...
Check out the tiny fig (^-^)

Real life octopuses may never be as cute as these two!!

For those who just love cute elephants:)

* Looking so innocent*

So what if the Lunar New Year and the year of the tiger is already over...

These tigers and oranges are just sweet!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New CUTE blog. ( COLLAB)

Im super duper excited. Well kinda excited. I just made a new blog a few weeks ago. It's took quite a long time to get it done but yup it's done! It's not exactly my blog. It's a collab blog with my blogger friend. Yes... it's all about cute stuff too. You know you can't get enough of cute stuff!!
So anyway, go check it out. It might not be that great cuz we just started. Click the same pear pic on the right to visit!!!!
( Pear image does not belong to me : source)