Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A cute gift for mother

Mother's day is coming, it's on 9th may! Maybe you are still wondering what to get for your mother? Well, i already planned to buy this. It's a fizzy moon snow globe that says the one i love plus a figurine of the cutest bear holding a heart. Furthermore, what really caught my eye is the tiny drawer on the snow globe. Don't be fooled by it. It can be opened! Inside you'll find a small card with a cute picture on it. Well, when you first buy it, it might be stiff. ( the drawer)Don't yank too hard!

Sold fro$ 4.99 US

Go to:www.gifthorseonline.com

The reason I'm posting about gifthorse is that they sell it cheaper than usual.

You can find it in some gift shops like those shops that sell figures and cute things too.