Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving NICI

Up till now, NICI had been one of my favourite soft toys other than Fizzy Moon and others. It had uniquely cute soft toys, that i can't resist buying one i walk past the store. So anyway i fished out a couple of what i thought were quite cute=) Unfortunately, ALL the pics are copyrighted. So why not i give you the link and you look at it yourself=)

Cutest charm bracelet

Don't you just love this cute Kawaii bracelet? Once you wear it,it will lighten up your day. Look at those cute charms on it and screamI just wanted to tell you guys about this cute website that I found! If you are into Kawaii and cute stuff, read on. If not, sorry to bore you! :) They have all sorts of goodies for sale and a lot of cute handmade stuff! I got a couple of bracelets and some earrings and a couple of cute rings from them as well! Spending thousands of dollars? OH HECK NO! These treats are reasonably priced and so so adorable for the kid in all of us (or just for kids)! I’m including pics of my two bracelets. For more cuteness, click on this GirlzLyfe link and have fun! :).

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I love these pillow pets! I do have a sheep pillow pets which got for my birthday. Mmm, totally cute AND soft and comfy. So i had to get one of the pictures from another website because the picture in the official website are copyrighted. As you can see, the monkey is already soooo CUTE! And i don't ususually like monkey stuff animals so for me to say this you can trust me that the animals there are really cute. Actually the sheep there is quite different from the one i have at home but it is still cute! Seriously! the animals there ARE CUTE!!! You have to trust me. So this is actually a pillow that you can "unbuckle at the stomach" with velcro. So it would be a flat pillow. But when you " buckle" it up it bcomes a soft toy like the one in this pic.
Each sold for: Big: $ 24.99

Hot stuffed cute animals

Tucked inside each Hot Hug is a wonderful surprise - a sachet of lavender and chamomile.The removable fragrance pouch inside the Hot Hug's tummy can be warmed in a microwave. Returned to its owner, the Hot Hug provides a warm and pleasing cuddle.

Sold for$23.95 each

Go to:

Two types of animals to choose from, Duck and Lion.


I do love Jetoy

Personally i never heard of Jetoy until i got to a big sale at this shop. And i saw this really cute cards with cats on it. I don't really know what those cards were for but anyway i just bought it.

These are the cutest mouse pads I've ever seen! So want to buy it, the only think is that i have to order it from Japan and its gonna be so ex! ( go to)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You and your BFF

This is a totally fab book for you and your BFF.
You share absolutely everything with your BFF….but do you know her shoe size, where she was born, what she likes on her pizza, has she ever changed the way she parts her hair, stayed in bed all day even if she wasn’t sick, or read an entire book in one day? Take this quiz and you will. Pad with durable cardboard backing. Measures 5 inches W x 7 inches H.
Price: $5.95

Go to:

Cute flip flop watch

This is indeed a cute watch on the other side of a flip flop.

As seen in the Chicago Tribune. For the beach, a cruise to the islands, or if flip flops are your foot covering of choice all year long, these adorable watches will keep you on time without having to wear a watch. Simply strap on to beach bag, handbag or tote. Battery operated. Vinyl. Comes in pink, silver/black, purple is currently unavailable, and tan no longer available.

Sold for $27 each

Go to:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TOO CUTE is celebrating our 2nd blog birthday! YAY!


Some people, some people like drinking coffee, milo, milk or anything from a styrofoam cup. Why? That's kinda weird but im sure there are people round' the earth like that. But now, with the new ECO CERAMIC COFFEE CUP... you can have your morning mojo in a lookalike styrofoam cup and love the way that it saves earth!The silicon lid helps keep your beverage hot or cold longer while helping to prevent spills while running laps in your cube farm. Two layers of porcelain are separated by a hollow cavity that acts as a perfect insulator for hot or cold drinks! Say goodbye to Styrofoam forever!Don't listen to what Kermit used to say... ( got to is easy being green! It's Eco-friendly, reusable and dishwasher safe.

Cookie affair

Heard of Ben and Jerry's new flavour for ice cream? That's right... Cookie affair. It sounds really cute to me. The other day at the mall i went shopping and saw... Cookie affair. I was most tempted to buy it. However my brothers urged me to buy Turtle soup flavour instead. It is named turtle soup but actually its all about caramel. Caramel syrup, caramel nuts and all kinds of caramel. So it was two against one. Of course i had to buy turtle soup. However, i am still a cookie lover. Which means that if YOU are a cookie lover, don't worry... irritating siblings can't stop you from getting.... THE COOKIE SOAP! That smells like cookie, looks like cookies and acts like one too. No! It doesn't taste like cookie, don't try it! It looks like a cookie with alittle wax over it and cute choco chips inside. Nobody can stop you from being an ultimate cookie lover. So what are you waiting for? This is a great cookie treat for you in the bathroom just for you to grab. Get it now!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ugly dolls are cute

Ever heard of ugly dolls? Not dolls that are ugly. Dolls called Ugly dolls. By the way, fact is ugly dolls are cute, NOT UGLY! These cute creatures have a different personality in each of them. Lets say i like medium wage because he is quite cute. Ugly dolls are sold as plushies or plushie key chains. I just visited a shop that sold them and they are really soft! Not that wool soft. The soft soft, if you can get what i mean. I almost bought one but the hop sold them really expensive. Anyway I've gotta go and celebrate after I've got my new wireless headphones=)

So i won't give you the official wesite since there seems to be none. But all you have to do is type Ugly doll on your google search or what and im ure you'll find shops selling these cute little monsters.