Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Show your love

Are you a fan of ice-cream? or perhaps an addict? Well, with this really sweet/cute ice-cream necklace you can show your love or pronounce your love of ice-cream to the world.These super cute things are only$14! Each ice-cream features sprinkles based on the ice-cream colour. The cones are bout 2" tall and hang from a 27" chain. Flavours : mint strawberry or chocolate. Sold separately.
There you can also buy gumdrop earrings, gummy bear bracelets and so fourth. Buy them now!

Whoopee pig

I love whoopee cushions. Somebody sits on it... PHEW! Did somebody fart? I do have a small whoopee cushion. But it's the boring old normal one. Besides, even ole' people are getting smarter. They know the whoopee cushion well. So why not buy one in disguise? In a pig disguise. Looks like a weird toy. With the new advance whoopee cushion, nobody will ever suspect anything and you can carry on with your pranks. Get ready to meet Oinker!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cute cell phone straps

These are the cutest eggs i've ever seen! ( from i love egg)

Devian art's cute plushies

Devian art's plushies are something i like. Hey, they look like handmade toys. Fine, lets get down to business. Here are some plushies that i love from Devian art. There are sooo many cute plushies that i can't post all of them. Check the link out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cute plushies for the day

I've been searching the web and I finally found some cute plushies from ARENA. Really cute, the first one is a hamster while the second is a guinea pig.

Glow in the dark ghost

Whenever you hear about ghosts you will probably think of it as SCARY!! But who says there are no cute ghost? I just found some lighters that are in the shape of a really tiny cute ghost. PHEW! It's not scary, relax. No, it won't give you the scary stare at night. Here's a lighter so cute that it stands out from the rest.Pull down on its arm, and a little torch will light up on its head. Or you can just keep him around your living room as decoration.