Monday, March 22, 2010

The cute my meebas

These really cute my meebas electronic game is cute and can be found in the USA and some other countries so if you want it you have to buy it online. Basically... there would be a little pet and you'd have to raise it up through 7 stages/levels. When it is fully grown... the lid of the my meebas will pop open and your my meebas toy would be there for you to take out and hug. Im not sure if you are suppose to put back the toy and close the lid again to restart because i've never bought that toy before. Each toy is cute,cuddly and unique. There are 6 " sections". Raspberry love, light blue happiness,teal luck,pink beauty, purple intelligence and dark blue friendship. personally i do think that teal luck is kinda cute=)

Here is the official website:

The new my meebas version now comes with glitter.From the official site you can also buy online. Anyway... when you buy a my meebas toy it comes with a chart of all the cute my meebas characters.

You can also go to YouTube and search for some videos all about my meebas. Im sure it can be quite fun. Don't think its only for small kids because i have heard of many teens buying it and even an adult for herself.