Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cute toys from Klappar

I like the toys from klappar=) The animals there are so cute=)Trust me. Most of the animals are not cheap,but they make great cuddly plushies. Like this elephant here. I had a toy elephant when i was small, but they weren't as cute as these. However, I'm currently not aware of the shop or the online store. But i found these in IKEA going for reasonable prices. I love IKEA, you can get many great things there for a not too expensive price there. I even got two rat plushies, one white and one black for only $1.95 each and they were as big as my psalm. Most of all i love the IKEA year end sales. Everything suddenly becomes way cheaper and a golden retriever plushie that used to be $30 plus went down to $10 plus. Anyway, I've to say that some animals from Klappar are cuter than others. To me, the elephant is one of them. Check out the IKEA website or go to the nearby store now!