Saturday, May 15, 2010

Buy a stuffed toy, help an animal

I was searching the web, guess what i found? These really expensive stuffed toys. One may cost $ 100 or even $200 or more! You're probably thinking " what the hell? Maybe I should just get a stuffed toy from any ordinary shop". But before you turn away, listen. When you buy these... expensive toys, you'll be helping an animal. To be exact the live version of the animal you purchased. Read more to find out.

From the Amazon to the Arctic, WWF is building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature. By 2020 we will conserve 19 of the world’s most important natural places and significantly change global forces to protect the future of nature. Our experts are active at every level – from field work to government - conserving the largest tropical rain forests, the most diverse coral reefs, and the world’s most endangered species.
WWF’s way of conserving the planet’s natural resources combines our unmatched global reach with a foundation in science, it involves action at every level – from local to global – and it ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature. ( for more information go to the link that i will give later)

I picked out an example of a gray wolf that cost $250. WOW! But, for each animal you buy there are two or more different packages which you can go to the site to find out more. When you purchase any set, you get more than just the soft toy but the certificate of adoption. Which also means that when you buy the toy, you are adopting that animal! If i were you, il be ordering an order for a gorgeous toy right now. ( with over 100 animals to choose from)