Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bunnies never this cute

Yes... I am posting aout plushies again... but sometimes I can't stop because there is always billions of cute plushies waiting to be revealed. Anyway, i'd never seen such cute toy bunnies ever. Sure i've seen some in shops, my friend's house and in my bedroom. But this is really too much cuteness. After this I shall have alittle break... too much cuteness gets me sleepy...

Back to the bunnies then. I'm sure that you would find it cute. Some of the bunnies have short ears or long ears, some are girls,some are boys, some have long fur and some have short fur. But in the end their so irresitable.

Each cost $ 38.20 ***** Go to :http://cottoncandy.sg/catalog/index.php/cPath/66?osCsid=ba67794fdc912a3d0560818fe04aaca7 ( each made in Australia)