Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The cute monkey that will work with ya nails

I don't paint my nails. Ok... maybe i did once or twice before. But i find it troublesome because when you want to remove it you have to use nail polish remover or it could take a looong time coming out on its own. Or... when you just painted your nails and you thought that it has already dried but it has not and you end up having nail polish over something. I can't find a thing that will help solve the 1st prob but i have found something that might just help you in the second problem.If you don't have enough patience to wait for your nails to dry, now with the cute monkey blower, your time and work will be saved - Dry your freshly painted nails quickly - Just press on the plate of bananas & the monkey will blow cool air.
Each sold for$6.25 USD