Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A little nature with some doodling

This is as cute as i promise you it is. It all started when the inventor started to doodle on a piece of pebble. Then there is a loong story and he became famous. There are doodles of either dogs, cats or a cute chubby pig. It is of course a tiny collector's item. It does serve well as a gift for those who love nature and cuteness and maybe art. Here is Mingo, a cat character. There are of course many more characters and Mingo is only one of them.
More about:
The Artstones™ are the most unique and enthralling collection of brush paintings on decal-aid casted stone featuring a variety of adorable animals created by ingenious Taiwanese artist Henry Lee. He gives them mouths, ears ,fluffy tails and crystal-clear eyes, and brings out the life of this natural work of art. From the fur coat to the sparkling eye, each stone animal represents a perfect blend of aesthetic originality and versed handicraft technique.
And if right now, none of them are to your liking just wait until the spring season comes. I gota sneak peak at it and the fabulously CUTE!!!
Also stationary and mugs, mouse pads and many other stuff are available.