Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate cute collection book

Just like the former book edition, this new series or Aranzi book, the Cute Stuff Book is contained simple and easy guidance in making cute Aranzi character crafts. There is a bit differences though, this new version is more focused on some useful stuffs to be made while you have spare time, such as phone bag, book cover, pouches, and many other simple stuffs with arrangement of Aranzi characters around.
This is an exciting book to have though, there is no need to be the expert sewer or having complete sewing equipments to do the projects, anyone can easily to make their own cute stuffs during their spare time. The tutorial is also arranged to be easy to follow and fun with various cute captions and small comics around the pages. This Cute Stuff Book is also can be a good option as a gift, but be sure they have special interest on Japanese comic characters so it will fits the idea.
Anytime you need some guides on How to make Cute Stuff, you can simply to open up the book and find your desired stuff to make at that day. It is priced around $10 at Amazon, which it means you wouldn’t get too costly for this Aranzi craft tutorial. So, if you claimed yourself as an Aranzi’s fan, you should have it on your book shelf.