Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cookie affair

Heard of Ben and Jerry's new flavour for ice cream? That's right... Cookie affair. It sounds really cute to me. The other day at the mall i went shopping and saw... Cookie affair. I was most tempted to buy it. However my brothers urged me to buy Turtle soup flavour instead. It is named turtle soup but actually its all about caramel. Caramel syrup, caramel nuts and all kinds of caramel. So it was two against one. Of course i had to buy turtle soup. However, i am still a cookie lover. Which means that if YOU are a cookie lover, don't worry... irritating siblings can't stop you from getting.... THE COOKIE SOAP! That smells like cookie, looks like cookies and acts like one too. No! It doesn't taste like cookie, don't try it! It looks like a cookie with alittle wax over it and cute choco chips inside. Nobody can stop you from being an ultimate cookie lover. So what are you waiting for? This is a great cookie treat for you in the bathroom just for you to grab. Get it now!