Thursday, April 15, 2010


I love these pillow pets! I do have a sheep pillow pets which got for my birthday. Mmm, totally cute AND soft and comfy. So i had to get one of the pictures from another website because the picture in the official website are copyrighted. As you can see, the monkey is already soooo CUTE! And i don't ususually like monkey stuff animals so for me to say this you can trust me that the animals there are really cute. Actually the sheep there is quite different from the one i have at home but it is still cute! Seriously! the animals there ARE CUTE!!! You have to trust me. So this is actually a pillow that you can "unbuckle at the stomach" with velcro. So it would be a flat pillow. But when you " buckle" it up it bcomes a soft toy like the one in this pic.
Each sold for: Big: $ 24.99