Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ugly dolls are cute

Ever heard of ugly dolls? Not dolls that are ugly. Dolls called Ugly dolls. By the way, fact is ugly dolls are cute, NOT UGLY! These cute creatures have a different personality in each of them. Lets say i like medium wage because he is quite cute. Ugly dolls are sold as plushies or plushie key chains. I just visited a shop that sold them and they are really soft! Not that wool soft. The soft soft, if you can get what i mean. I almost bought one but the hop sold them really expensive. Anyway I've gotta go and celebrate after I've got my new wireless headphones=)

So i won't give you the official wesite since there seems to be none. But all you have to do is type Ugly doll on your google search or what and im ure you'll find shops selling these cute little monsters.